It’s officially summer! And with the longer days and (slightly) warmer weather, March also brought us some stellar PR campaigns.

Last month, we saw a royal monarch trying out a new business venture, found out how to become a hot tub specialist, and uncovered the UK’s favourite rom-com.

5. A Royal Whiff for a Royal Woof (The Royal Family & Norfolk Natural Living)

We can officially add Miss Liz to the celebrity fragrance roster. Yasss Queen! I personally was not aware that the Royal Family had their own merchandise, and I’d never expected one of their products to be a perfume for dogs. But here we are.

Made in collaboration with Norfolk Natural Living, Happy Hounds Dog Cologne has a ‘coastal walk’ aroma, described as a ‘rich, musky scent with citrus notes of bergamot’. Sounds coastal to me. It comes in a box set alongside dog shampoo, toy bones, and a tweed toy.

We’re looking forward to the Royal Family’s premium dog tequila and corgi-inclusive shapewear line.

4. The Wordle World Champs (WordTips)

Despite some controversy surrounding the New York Times takeover, Wordle hasn’t lost its steam just yet. Hopping on the hype of the global phenomenon, WordTips - a website dedicated to helping people find Scrabble and Wordle answers - crunched the numbers to reveal which countries have the best track record.

By scraping Tweets using the hashtag #wordle, they found that Sweden takes first place - with an average of 3.72 guesses before getting it right. The best city, meanwhile, is Canberra, Australia. The UK has an average of 3.89 guesses, coming in at 8th place tied with China, South Africa, and Uruguay.

3. The Long Road to Love (

Ready to profess your love? Not sure if it’s too soon? has the answers! The gift card marketplace polled 1500 Brits to find out how quickly people say the three most important words.

18% of those polled revealed they’d said ‘I love you’ within just three months of their relationship. 19% of men will say it after just a month, while 18% of women tend to wait at least three months.

They also revealed that 39% of Brits admitted to feeling embarrassed by public displays of affection - while 69% love it. In fact, physical touch is the love language of choice for 63% of Brits, followed by words of affirmation at 53%.

2. Spa Day Pay Day (Lay-Z-Spa)

Lay-Z-Spa is on the lookout for a Hot Tubologist. Yes, you read that right. The hot tub company will pay one lucky hot tub tester £100 an hour to test their Santorini HyydroJet Pro(TM) hot tub for five hours! The campaign came just in time for National Hot Tub Day - which was on March 28th.

The winning Hot Tubologist all also be able to try their hand at the influencer life by reporting their experience on Lay-Z-Spa’s socials.

1. It’s NOT Notting Hill (Liberty Marketing)

Brits love a rom-com! But what’s the GOAT? Liberty Marketing pulled data from IMDb, looking at monthly search numbers for the top 100 rom coms. Comparing the search numbers with their IMDb ranking, they were able to unveil the UK’s 10 most popular romantic comedies - and the results might surprise you.

UK classic Four Weddings and a Funeral took 10th place, while Notting Hill came in second. A surprising number of American romcoms made the list - with the number one most beloved rom-com being none other than Pretty Woman!

The oldest film in the top 10 was 1961’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which came 9th, and the newest was 2020’s Emma, coming in 6th place.