eCommerce Q4 2021: The Golden Age of Amazon

With the steady closing of many high street stores, consumers are naturally turning to Amazon, not only out of pure convenience but also for its competitive pricing and consumer trust in the retail giant.

Featuring Adapt's marketplace expert, Harriet Barter, this 30-minute webinar will:

  • Uncover the reasons why now is "The Golden Age" of Amazon [timestamp]
  • How consumer behaviour is changing as lockdown eases [timestamp]
  • What you can expect from Amazon in Q4 2021 and beyond [timestamp]


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Melanie Hyde
Director of Strategy, Adapt
Topic: Introduction
Harriet square 2
Harriet Barter
Marketplaces Expert, Adapt
Topic: The Golden Age of Amazon

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eCommerce Q4 2021: Preparing for Peak

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